3 Hour DoF tests Renders

I’m quite new to blender, still getting good at it, and not much time since I’m only 18, but I am very proud of these things I did, each took an average of about an hour and 20 minutes. The only things I didn’t make from Scratch are the texture for the butterfly, which I mapped onto a plane that can fold based on a shape key, and the blurred trees and mountain background. What do you guys think? Keep in mind this is just a hobby, I’m still learning, and did these in only 4 hours.

The third one is certainly my favourite - the colours are fantastic, the DoF works very well and the lighting is awesome too.

Thanks! i just used gimp to make a blurry cluster of colors, darken it, and then brighten the entire image after. The lighting i just the background and one plane with emission up in the corner out of view

Nice renders! I agree with bwhite that the last one is great and the DoF really suits the image. However I think the best one is the first one while you have used the DoF effect and the composition to point out the element you want the viewers to focus on.

If you want to improve your render with the balloons try mixing a translucent shader with your other shaders to make the balloons slightly transparent.

First and third one are both good. First one has good composition, but feels a little flat and frozen. Third one has just about everything going for it. If you could get a bit more life into the first one it would be excellent (I’m no good for tips on how to do this).