3 hour model

I got hurt at work so I came home and got bored. Then someone in the forum needed a quick Orc model for a game he was working on. So here it is for the world.


And the blend http://uploader.polorix.net//files/163/orc.blend

Pretty cool. Howdja get hurt?
Sorry i don’t mean to get off topic

I slipped on the bottom rung of a ladder trying to work in the rain. My shin hit the next one up and I got a pretty good bruise.

Thanks. I am still gonna dink with the model a little more. Look for an update soon. Then he is going in the castle town level I am working on. So no waste.

nice work for an hour, I think it needs a mouth though :slight_smile: and maybe define some muscles on the texture? and that sounds like it hurt ouch

In my ski injury days, they’d tell us ice for the first 24 hours to keep the swelling down, then heat after that to help the swelling go away.

Cool orc, but I agree, he needs a mouth.

The eyes remind me of the enemies on Croc 2…Anyways
I hate hitting my shin. I cut my shin open 2 years ago, but now it’s just big scar.

hehe actually its a set of eyes that came with 3dtotal cd. From the Human-Alien Cd I think. Thanks for the replies guys, and thanks for your concern. I have healed 99% so I am back at work now. I will upload the new version tonight maybe. He has armor now hehe.

You should re-do the eyes so they look less like painted sunglasses. :slight_smile: Other than that it looks like a nice model.


My General impression was that Orcs are meanies. If that’s what you want, he needs more scowl.

Hehe good suggestions. I will tinker with him more.


Lets call him 2 hour model now hehe.

He still looks like hes got painted glasses.

I’d suggest making his eyes small and beady, and three-dimensional. Probably a little 5-sided shape (kind of the shape of a gold bar) would do nicely.

ahhh ok nice suggestion

maybe something like this
or even lower the brows more to give him angry “ima club you” face


it is much better after fixing the head :slight_smile:

Much better, but now I want the mouth to be 3D! :slight_smile:
What are the green blotches, tattoos?

Yep. Battle tattoos!! hehe. Thought the body texture was a bit boring.

He is totally toon style. I may work on a more realistic orc for my game level. I want to finish the level first tho. I am almost done. Then its character time.

I like the eyes of the first one too, they just needed you to paint a darker green ,in blender on the model around the rim where the eyes go.

That would add a lot of depth and the first eyes would look really cool. The second set is very nice too.

He doesnt look as cute as in the first picture. Nice orc, he has yoda ears.

ps. Shin story follows:

I was making stucco for my test straw bale wall. I was tired and came around the front of the wheel barrow and banged my shin on the pocky out legs part. The part you can tilt it down on? Well, I fell down it hurt so much and got sick to my stomach.

I really couldnt believe I had done that. That was 9 years ago, and I still have a deep dent in that spot and its remains purple to this day. Stupid thing. Looks really pretty in shorts!