3 Hour Room

Just a ‘warmup project’ as I’m going to be doing a big archetectual project for school.
2 hour modeling/ texturing and then1 hour rendering + DoF and adjusting.

Another render, close up on books, all BI btw.

beautiful dof,especially the second one.

Thx…the last one was simple but turned out really well

Did you use GI in an external renderer? It looks like there’s splotchiness from where photons would hit in the top part of the first image.

Just remove the splotchiness, and from experience a picture mat usually tends to be slightly beveled inward where it meets the picture.

This is BI and there is no GI. The splotchiness is due to a cloud texture…should have been smaller and less obvious.

maybe its visual perception but i think DOF is way to heavy in the first one, just my thought

I agree. I think it should have been very slight. Thanks for the comment :slight_smile:

I like it :yes:
good use of textures… and is that AO?
so… if I were playing around with it, it would be cool to adjust the saturation, and and play with indexOb / render layers on this… hmmm… I’ll have to try and make a room now :smiley:
great job on finishing it in just 3 hours - it looks like you spent way more time on it!

you rock! :RocknRoll:

Thanks, and yes it is AO…probably should have made some adjustments to saturation.