3 hours of high quality Blender training

Visit https://3d-illusions.co.uk and get over 3 hours worth of training content that will teach you how to create stunningly realistic Oceans that playback in real-time in Blender’s EEVEE viewport! Whilst the ocean you create will be stunning and many square kilometres in size, the real takeaway will be a broad understanding of many topics which are fundamental to creating great 3d easily with concepts that are transferable to other 3d software.

Split into 2 parts:

Part 1 will concentrate on creating the ocean and shaders whilst covering many non ocean specific advanced topics in an easy to understand way. 1 hour 13 mins.

Part 2 is a deep dive into Blender’s new field based geometry node system. This part alone was months in the making whilst I tried to find the easiest to grasp way of explaining and demonstrating what is quite a complex subject. As a result I’m confident that this part contains the best explanation of geometry nodes currently available, and offers unparalleled depth of knowledge with the least amount of effort. 1 hour 47 mins.