3 images: Swirls of splendor, Florals of glass, Ortaka tower

OMG, the forum’s most infamous Dragon has made images once again.:eek:

That’s right, I’m here with images made in the past several days.:slight_smile:

1). Swirls of Splendor

2). Florals of glass

3). Ortaka tower

First one was an abstract I did where I wanted swirls
Second one took 11 hours to render
Third one continues my building designs from much earlier this year and made to look like it had some artistic inspiration.


The second one actually looks pretty cool. In the first image, the middle third(vertically) looks cool. The third image, where the tower meets the base(the legs), it looks a little weird, like it’s crumpled, but other than that, it’s pretty cool.

regarding the third one (the “skyscraper”): i think the world has seen enough glass boxes in the vertical form. change the skin and structure of the towers to fit better with that form. reasons the box plan isnt working: where they meet is a mess, and there is no continuity between the base and the top, they look like 2 separate parts. and whats that at the top?
i think the waviness of the top part should be minimized but emphasized at the same time (if you sort of understand what i mean). it seems too arbitrary right now and doesnt have a real direction to it. maybe if you made a simpler but more emphasized curve?

I like the first 2, excellent use of colors. The swirls look nice, and your glass looks good too. The towers not bad, its just not my favorite.

The first one doesn’t match my taste; everything blends together too much. The second one has some nice materials to it- this one was my favorite. My only complaint is the background color. I would try something a little darker- cg glass looks particularly nice with a black background. The third image? Kind of simple (and has a background problem too).