3 in 1: Spherus, Arrows, Box minimal

Box minimal

Why not mess with the bounderies of what we call art, wether it’s an abstract work or a mess of similar objects or an environment that can only be seen in abstract type pictures. Considering I would love to push the bounderies, and mess with the perception of art.

My first post in Finished Projects in a while, and before people start saying “Your art will never sell” I’ve already sold 5 matted and framed works for 30 dollars a piece with more interested, and 3 went to people that we’re not related to.

Congratulations on your sales. Which pieces were they?

The ones I’ve sold.

-Florals of glass
-Like clockwork
-Planetary Triplets
-This old outhouse
-Rubik’s worst nightmare

I also turned in two pieces to a gallery downtown for the small arts show to sell. When I brought my work to the gallery months ago the gallery master (an art expert) took a long hard look at them to see if they were art and got his approval. It’s strange on one account, one of the pieces he said was art others on this site said was playing with buttons and he knows art.

Florals of glass was bought by the school district for an auction which they proceeded to sell to a lady who hung it in her house. The same district bought another piece to hang in a transition house near my house. Like Clockwork and Planetary triplets drew interest from a grandparent who lives 90 miles north of me and have them both hung in the entryway. Also, the transition house had an open house and my art generated a lot of positive comments (one women even calling me very gifted). Of all the art pieces I’d have to say it was Dragon’s moon that was the most commented about.

I had them framed at a store called Hobby Lobby and the lady who helped me mat and frame them said they were nice pictures, and she doesn’t comment on everything she sees.

you have improved alot Cyborg dragon, your colors are now very strong in your art.
Im not a fan of spherus but arrows is really festive for autumn, autumn and arrows rhyme.
Box minimal is nice and colorful, 4 stars from me

Too late where I live, it’s snowing for the first time for the season as I type this.:wink:

It’s strange on another account, as well. I post a civil comment and a polite inquiry and get a gratuitous backhanded slam in response.

Well I changed it, I wouldn’t say it would be directed towards just you, but when I showed you guys the Glossy Abstractions piece several said it was playing with buttons, he looked at it and said it was art.

Sorry, didn’t mean it as what you said.

Goodness man, you really do burn your own bridges dont you?
Dont bring up old wounds when people are obviously trying to ignore them.

And kudos on the sale.

I kinda like the arrows. The arrows get 2.6 stars from me and the other two pieces gets one star each.

All and all 2 stars.

Great, you sold art in USA. I’m jealous. We in Europe read about that someone bought a pancake that looked like Jesus. You selling art is making headlines as we speak.

Just kidding kiddo :).

Keep selling and I hope you’ll get famous one day. :wink:

Well good that you applaud my art being sold in the US. My art is proving popular so far, so I’ve made progress. I’m thinking my orders will shoot up when a lot more people hear about it, my art selling is still in the very beginning phases.

Very nice- congratulations on your sales! My favorite is arrows. There’s some great color choice in there.

I am? :stuck_out_tongue:
(autumn and arrows don’t rhyme, they start with the same letter, which is called alliteration)