3 in 1: Vein viewer, solar lighting, news videos on free energy.

Shown at NextFest, this device projects the pattern of your veins using infra red onto your skin in real time, no more getting a shot and the doctor missing

On a sunny day this can bring 80 percent of what artificial light can give therefore being able to lower energy costs.

AP and another news media outlet puts out videos on the so-called magnetic free energy machine that could keep devices running forever.

the future really is here, they should use that magnetic energy machine to power vehicles, now that would really be something

I dunno about those, but I’ve sure been needing one of these lately!

Yeah… hate it when I forget to rewind my DVDs before I bring them back to the nearest FilmStation.

I heard about one person who used to rewind her cassette tapes twice, to get back to the beginning. Seriously.

Oh, and Icoxo, making this association in your head: free energy=crackpot. Works every time. And your techblog link has been deleted, not surprisingly. Oh wait, you just pasted it wrong… oh its those Irish guys. There was a discussion earlier on here already.

free energy is mathmatically and scientifically impossible. Energy can neither be created or destroyed, just changed (i.e. matter into energy [coal power plants etc.]and vice versa.[very unefficient, takes the speed of light squared amout of jules of energy])

but don’t feel bad, the world’s top scientists once thaught the earth was flat…