3 Leg walk cycle madness

Ive been trying to animate a camera model walking on its tripod legs - Im having trouble with foot registration and getting a bit of “body” motion (camera bobbing with the walk) can anyone offer advice? I havent seen any tripod walk cycles anywhere to work from anywhere so any help/advice would be welcome.

Vimeo link of current “progress” - http://www.vimeo.com/5871737

… and .blend attached

Thanks all



Camera rigged5 walkcycle.blend (407 KB)

hey sketcha :slight_smile:

I really like this camera character you’ve got here, so I couldn’t help myself :D. I see a lot of potential for what could be done with this simple character. I made a little sample walk animation to give you an idea of how to handle it. There are other ways it could be done, but I kind of like the hobbling walk I got out of it. I found the feet worked well in a circular motion, one lifted at a time.

I also did some tweaks on the rig…

The foot ‘registration’ problem was that you didn’t have any IK solvers to keep the feet on the ground, so I added some in. I also made some other controls like a ‘gyrate’ control for leaning of the character, and gave the lens a ‘look at’ control as well as changed the weighting on it to get a reasonably smooth deformation. Among other things. Just fiddle with it, it is pretty self-explanatory I think :yes:

All bones are on bone layers 1 and 2, and the controls are red.

I hope it gives you ideas :slight_smile:


sketcha_cameraRig.blend (500 KB)

thankyou so much FGC! I can learn so much from this! Its exactly what i needed

Your right it is a great start.