3 Modeling Questions?

Hi, I have been following some Blender modeling tutorials but I have not found an answer to these questions.

How do I delete only a single edge or vetex?
In Cinema 4D if I select 1 edge of a cube then I select “Melt” and the edge is removed but the cubes shape remains square. Does Blender have something similar? For example: If you have a cube and you select an “Edge” and press “Delete” The edge & 2 faces will be deleted. But if you have a cube and you select an “Edge” and then select the “Melt” tool, only the edge will be deleted, not both faces.

How do I make a diagonal cut in 2.5?
What is the best way to get the left image to look like the right image in Blender 2.5?
Can I make a cut along the white dotted lines then use the “Edge” tool to remove the edges? How would I add a diagonal cut from one point to another in 2.5?

How can I add a vertex in the middle of an edge?
How can I add a vertex in the middle of this edge? I tried using (Ctrl > Right Click) but it added a face too. I just want to add a vertex.

  1. You are deleting an edge. The ‘melt’ tool in C4D sounds like it’s making the faces attached to that edge one big n-gon. It isn’t really ‘deleting’ the edge. You can accomplish something similar if you select the two faces sharing the edge you want to delete, and hit F, then ‘Make F-gon’.

  2. You can make the cube into the shape on the right by scaling the two edges into each other, and deleting doubles. Not sure how that would work in 2.5 though.

  3. You can subdivide that edge. It’ll end up a bit messy though.

To add a vertex to an edge, just select that edge and pick Subdivide button once in Edit mode. Or select an edge and hot key W to get the Subdivide option. Now when you divide an edge that will create triangular faces all around. This is good in a way because that solves your last question; look at the image below. All you do is to select two bottom edges and split it. That will create vertexes and edges to make the shape you want.


tatsuyame & Ridix, thanks for the help.

I selected the edges, then presses the “F” key like you suggested and it seemed to select all of the faces (see image link) but it did not give me an option to select “Make F-gon”. Any idea where it says “Make F-gon”?


I’d suggest you read the documentation for edge and face tools
Remember blender is not C4D and does not neccessarily have the same toolset. Learn how blender currently handles meshes as you’ll have to work within its capabilities.