3 new scripts: GeomTool, MeshCopy/Paste, UVTool

Hie blenderers,
I 've written 3 scripts:
Geom Tool : it makes geometric operations (intersection, projection …).

Mesh Copy/Paste : you can copy a part of a mesh, and paste it later (even in another Blender instance).

UV Tool: tools to manage UV (super weld, distribute).

The documentation page for the scripts is:

I have tested on Linux and WinXP, with Blender 2.42 and Python 2.4 (complete installation of Python seems not necessary).

I hope that they will be useful to someone.
Have a good day !

Very cool, thanks! I tried it with 2.42a and Python 2.3 and it didn’t work. Latest stable version of Python is 2.5, do you know if your scripts will work with Python 2.5?


no official builds are done with 2.5 yet, but any 2.4 code should run fine on 2.6 with only very rare exceptions.


OK thanks.

I’m sure that ‘Geom Tool’ doesn’t work with Python2.3, because I use decorators which appeared with Python2.4. For the 2 other scripts, I didn’t know.

For python2.5, I think there will be no problem. For example, Python 2.4 runs Python2.3 scripts perfectly (even some things could be deprecated). But when Blender work with Python2.5, I’ll write a new version (maybe I’ll use the ‘with’ statement, which look likes very cool).

Yup, didn’t work. I’m using the OS X MacIntel build of Blender 2.42a which uses Python 2.3 so I’m out of luck. :frowning: Guess I’ll just have to wait for Blender 2.43…

Veery cool scripts! Thank you alot, sometimes you miss hardly such small but pretty useful features to make your work more productive.

Still have to try these scripts, but your UVTools seem extremely useful, “super weld” rocks. Many thanks :smiley:


Your Distribute function is something I’ve been wishing for for a long time. Thanks!
Could you make distribute work for vertices on the 3d window too? Something like this might be very useful in modeling.
One more idea is an option to keep the general shape or curvature of the edges connecting the vertices, but make the distances between them even.

zap & Bellboy : thx a lot.

grafix: I like your idea of ‘distribute vertices’ very much. I’ll try to add it to ‘Geom Tool’ as soon as possible. In a first time, vertices will be aligned as in ‘UV distribute’ ; for the ‘shape keeping’ option, I must to reflect how to do !

Edit :
Ok I have added functions to align and distribute vertices (with shape keeping) in geomtool. The documentation have been updated.

I have added a new function in the UVTool script : rectify.
It rotates UV groups in order to have vertical and horizontal edges.
It looks like another script, SmartUV, but with mine you can select the points that you want to manage.

hi, just looked at the UVtools source code and its good to see well written, commented code :wink:

At some point we need to get all the existing UV tools together and workout which ones to add into Blender and what should be whisked away and added in C.

UV Calculate now has a python slot so Id like to see some cool mapping scripts in there too.

Wow, thanks for the update. But I can’t seem to find the align and distribute function in the geom tool, even after downloading and reinstalling the latest version. Perhaps you forgot to update the zip file in your link? I’m eager to try it on a circle with some more vertices added to an edge. This is troublesome for me since whenever I add a vertex to an edge of a circular edgeloop, the shape gets distorted, specially when the mesh is subsurfed. Having a distribute function which retains the shape of the edgeloop would be a good solution for this. The documentation on your page is very easy to follow and your scripts are very useful. Keep up the great work!

Yes, you’re right, I forgot to update the zip file. I’m stupid.
Now it works.

I hope the ‘distribute’ feature will be powerful enough for you, because it has limitations. For a loop, one vertex (randomly selected) don’t move, and the others move.

ideasman42: I would be happy if my scripts become useless (because of C versions) !! :slight_smile: No problem to collaborate to a scripts merging.

these look like some really simple, but useful scripts. I’ll try and use them when the situations arise.

Mesh copy/paste! Awesome!

superweld! Awsome! – I’ll use that one alot!

these are great!

I was just looking for something like “Snap to edge”.

Thank you.

PS: These scripts should be in the next release.

Anyone having trouble getting Geom Tool to run in OS X?

I’m running OS 10.4.8 and Python 2.5. I get this error in the console and Geom Tool never actually runs:

SyntaxError: invalid syntax
File “<string>”, line 210
return dict((i, verts[i]) for i in verts.selected())

Ah. Okay.

GuieA_7 informed me of my problem: script needs Python 2.4 to run, but OS X blender runs Python 2.3 only. Except now there’s a build on blender.org’s download page that runs Python 2.5. Now the script works for me too.


These are sweet tools! It would be awesome to see these incorporated into a full build, but even as scripts they are very useful.

Thank you,

yeah, some great tools there. definately should be incorporated into the next release.

Any update on this script?