3 new weapons + a totally different animation

(Bentagon) #1

made 3 new weapons for Deadly Artificial Intellegence + an animation for school.
It’s based on something they’ve done in the beginnig of the 20th century in the US and repeated in Portugal somewher in the 90’s:
trick the people by media in believing there’ve landed some UFO’s (and they’re coming to New York! :stuck_out_tongue: )
Only give comment on the models coz as you can hear and see, I’m no expert in telling a biiig story in two minutes, sounds and texturing :wink:
actually I’m very dissapointed with the result of the movie (eg. wanted to do everything in Blender), but I decided to show it to you anyway…
I’d suggest you replay it before you give comment (with the in-movie button), cause the first time it doesn’t look smooth
oh yeah, it’s done for religion classes
well, here are the links