3 noob questions

1st how do you make an object fly. For example when i start the animation it shoots like a cannon ball and goes and hits something. Also how do you make an object have a constraint and when the object is hit the constraint disappears. Last, how do you send something you made to someone who doesnt have blender

So nooby it shouldn’t be answered go learn some basics first IDE write a reason why but I’m on my itouch(iPod touch)

Kinda harsh dude, and I know you’re not normally.


  1. If the object is dynamic (as it sounds like it is) just apply enough force with a positive number in the simple motion z force field (the far right one). Big number = fly up fast, too small number = drop downwards.

  2. Use states. States let you turn on and off groups of sensors and actuators (such as constraint). There’s a link to a good tute in the game resources forum.

  3. As long as they’re on the same operating system as you just go file -> external data ->pack into .blend file, then file -> save game as run time and send them the file. You can also just do the first step and send them the .blend file if they have blender.

Sorry i didnt mean to post i was on my ipod twice

i was on my ipod 2

woops, but did you try to give me the link if not ok it just looked like you did.

I cant find the tutorial Blendiac

i guess but i was at school people piss me off there :(. But i dont think i go the meaning of the first qeustion did he mean fly as in areo fly or shoot?

In the Game Engine > Game Engine Resources sub forum. First page near the bottom (as I write this) titled “Blender 2.47 states tutorial” There’s been no major changes to how states work since 2.47 so this is still 100% relevant to 2.48a.

I can understand that. I absolutely hated most parts of the school I went to (which could have even been yours as it was also in Oz :)). The good news is that the tough bits (and people) don’t last forever and (at least in my experience) over time you tend to forget the worst bits and only remember the best. Just get through it with your sense of humor intact and make sure to have some fun worth remembering! :wink:

Good question… Zombie_Dance, can you clear up what you meant?

valek, this was uncalled for. Don’t reply unless you want to help someone.

Valek i meant shoot