3 objects, same material, 2 different results


i have 3 objects that i made. I gave them all 3 the same material (Flaky tangelo, from build-in material library vx). and i have 2 different results. Why is this? And wich one is showing the right result, the one on the left or the 2 on the right?

Blend file: glossy.blend (1.4 MB)


The normals on the right two objects are inverted (although I kind of like the effect). In edit mode, the lines indicating the normal are long enough to pass through from the other side, so at first it all looked OK. Checking the Face Orientation overlay, though, shows that these two are inside out.

Yeah, it definitely looks like snells window caused by inverted normals.

Ok, but i selected them all and did > normals > recalculate outside. Guesse that didnt work? How do i fix it then?


In edit mode, I selected all (A), pressed SHIFT-N, and it corrected the issue. I did this before and just re-did it to confirm.