3 questions about Blender 2.41

Hi i got tree questions here:

  1. Is there any new smart clothing method in Blender 2.41? (im’ not talking about the hooks method

:wink: )

  1. Is there a kind of DOF funktion in the new blender, or is it still the old Parent-Curve thing method?

  2. Is the Timeline ( http://orange.blender.org/blog/animatic-and-scripts ) funktion in the new blender 2.41? Or is it a new way to do it? ???

I would really like that you respond, if you know anything [!] :smiley:

  1. No.

  2. In Yafray.

  3. Yes. It’s a Window.


Great! Thanks :smiley:

hm… what window? tutorials? :Z

No, one of the Window-Type options from the window-icon on the far left of the window-header.


hm… okay :expressionless: Thanks :slight_smile:

Is it the NLA? Or the Action editor? %|

It’s the timeline window. The one with a clock as icon.

Okay… I assume that I just then add markers with camera names and it should work! but no! why? :stuck_out_tongue:

with camera names

The Timeline works on the Scene. You need a Keyframed animation and your click the red button. Each Keyframe will show as a Yellow Line. You can add Markers and have them show as Frames or as Seconds (T) and use them to synch stuff like audio with the Keyframes or whatever.


okay… thanks again! :smiley:

just a silly question i have here… where is the subsurf button in 2.4 i just cant find it

It is on the modifiers tab in the edit buttons. Press F9 Key, go to modifiers taqb and click add modifier, from the popup menu click subsurf.