3 Questions about vertices, help please

Question no.1:

ok, i now have another noob question involving vertices. i want one set of vertices to line up exactly with another set of vertices along only one axis, so that the bottom of the model will be perfectly flat, but sometimes (usually when there is an angle of some sort involved) while holding down ctrl during dragging, and even shift+ctrl for fine adjustment, they just never perfectly align, because if you zoom in a little they are clearly off, i move them a little more and zoom in, and they are still off, etc etc etc. so is there a way to align 2 sets of vertices along only one axis perfectly? ill attach a pic to show what im talking about.

Question no.2:

lets say ive modeled the torso of a model, and have modeled an arm seperately, now when i join the 2 there are going to be a bunch of unused vertices / faces / edges inside of the joint where the arm and torso meet. is there a way to automatically eliminate these unused areas?, or do i have to manually go in and delete things and create new faces connecting the arm and torso?

Question no.3:

how do i get curves to the radius that i want them?, like in the dome of THIS scene. is there some sort of radius deform tool that curls the vertices around it? or is this also manually done?

thanks for your help, and i hope to make smth worthy of the Focused critique forum, fairly soon :slight_smile:

question 1:

select all the bottom verts and “s z 0”. If you want to scale even with a particular vert - snap the cursor to the vert, change the pivot to cursor and “s z 0”

question 2:

Yes you have to do it manually

question 3:

you could take a quater of a circle and scale it on one axis or use a bezier curve and convert to mesh.


For number 3 you can alternatively do it with proportional adjustments. Press ‘o’ in edit mode select the proportional mode you want and scale/move/edit. You can change the influence size with Page up and Page Down. Just play around with modes until you get what you want. Or you could position them manually.

Q3: Delete the redundant faces before joining the meshes - or model them without those faces in the first place.

Alternative answer to Q1: use n key, you can set coordinates there, so, it will be perfectly aligned