3 questions for blender 2.5 series

animatable layers, in blender 25 series i’m unsure how you’d animate an object moving to a seperate layer, in the old versions of blender if you hit the i key an option for layers would show up, where did it go? in the 25 series i noticed you could click on the layers area to add keyframes to it but i couldn’t get an an object to be animated switching from one layer to another.

in blender 25 series is it possible to have multiple projects open open at one time(im using a mac with either 10.4 or 10.5)? this would really help my work flow

this one’s really a render question but is anybody else having render issues with assets that are linked in from other files? for example bringing in two characters and making their armature proxies and bringing in some geometry for land then trying to render it my scene decides it wants to die and crashes

You can have more then one blender file open. If you want to work on the same file, or affect it, you could link into linked models, and proxies.

As for rendering, you could try an optimized build?

i’ve never actually been able to open anymore than one blend at a time(since like blender 237), originally i was wondering if there was a way to change this in the user prefs but that makes me wonder if its how blender is working with my operating system that not letting me do this

What is your OS, how much RAM do you have?
Do you usually have other windows like internet explorer open?

On the Mac the blender.app can only have one blend open at a time. To have multiple blends open at the same time, duplicate the app and open one blend for each app instance.

To animate the layers, select the object and in the object peoperties, under the relations panel, hover your mouse over the layers, right mouse click and select add keyframe. This is the way you animate any parameter in blender 2.5.

Animating on Layers is also my main problem on 2.5… I hope they’ll include in the release of the documentation .

@ Richard Marklew, thank you for answering my nitty gritty questions; the transition from 249 to 25 has been sort of a rocky one for me (but its been worth it so far)

@ cire792 im on macintosh OS 10.5, and i use two laptop computers so occationally i’ll 10.4 as well. my main machine has two gigs of ram which should be enough for what i’m doing. when i’m working the only other apps i’ll have open are itunes and maybe zbrush, but for rendering its only blender

@anybody, is it possible to have multiple blend files open at the same time on other operating systems?

Yup, I’ve had multiples blends open with windows, and ubuntu.

cursed mac os operating system gerg, i hope the devs change this in future revisions, anyway thanks all for answering my questions