3 questions for my modeling issues

  1. I was wondering when you switch ortho views do you guys have to zoom in or out in ortho views? it seems I have to do this and I noticed in tutorials they never have to do this. it seems to do this when I zoom in on one side. I like being up close instead of the last picture

  2. I have tried packing my files and in the N panel packed the reference images but it wont save. so when I open my file I have to set up the images again. Do you think my reference images arent saving becuase I dont have the references set in the file for Blender references?

  3. last question is… do you use different axis when modeling? I think I get more confused when doing this. even though I matched the reference images with a box to make sure there the same in each ortho, it never is .
    the mesh is never the same in each ortho. Maybe I should just model in local instead of Global? . Once I am able to save and pack my reference images I will upload the file to show you my issue.


there not saving




The reason it don’t work is You need 2 references image…See Picture.

Line Your box up in Front view…You can drag Image into the viewport…Select Reference image and drag it into viewport.

You now have 2 references image in N - Panel…Go to last set it to right.

Click 3 Right view…Now…Move the picture to fit Your cube…That’s it.

Dunno why it don’t pack…What message did you get in the menuline…Normal it will say pack into Blend…

You save Your file before you close…Right…?


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