3 questions: Simulated proxies, particle hair collisions, and disc caches

Three questions:

Hi, I have a character with hair, and I want to do a simulation.

Question (#1)

I’m doing my animation in a linking file - so the mesh with the hair isn’t local, it’s proxy. For some reason, this seems to prevent the simulation from taking place.
My workaround has been to give my character hair by using a local scalp mesh, but that’s not ideal.
Anyone know how to fix this?

Question (#2)

I can’t for the life of me figure out how particle hair collisions are supposed to work. I select a mesh, turn on its “collision” setting, and set the hair to “dynamic”. The hair simply clips through the mesh. I play with parameters, but still nothing works.
I have been working with this clumsy workaround instead - but I can’t help but think that there’s a better solution.


I can’t seem to figure out how to save a baked simulation to disc so that it’s accessible to more than one .blend file. When I check “disc cache” it creates a directory full of zillions of files, and when I try to load the baked simulation into another .blend file, I don’t know what to open.

Can’t help with 1, but maybe with 2 & 3.

Currently (2.6x) hair collision is a no-go for the BF release versions of Blender. It just does not work. Others have made efforts to fix this with custom builds but it’s still a ways from a robust solution. I have to qualify this statement, though, as I haven’t checked recent build logs to see if anything has progressed with hair collision from the devs. But it does not seem to be high on their list. Hopefully someone can correct me on this.

Physics caches are referenced by their folder name – which for cloth, hair, and particles is in the form “blendcache_[your current .blend filename without extender]” – so you can copy the folder and rename it so a different file can access it. I often do this for progressive saves to skip having to rebake the physics. And afaik the physics cache has to reside in the same folder as the file referencing it.

Hair collision doesn’t work eh?
That’s too bad :frowning:
Thanks for the help on the disk cache :slight_smile:

Problem #1 is still open … anyone?