3 Questions...

Hello! Here are my questions:

1- How would I go about making my animation keep going while holding W?
'Cause I’ve got it working, but it stops playing until you press W again.
I’m holding W, after a while the animation dies and doesn’t start up again. How? :frowning:

2- !!(n00b qu35tion aLeRt)!! Objects can share properties, right? :o

(There were only supposed to be 2 questions, but I encountered something whilst
writing this)

*3- Fooling around with blender, so rather than un-doing everything, I decided to close
blender and open it up again, but yaar, there I saw with me own eye, me animation
fled, never to be seen again. Where did it go? Why did my animation run away? I
spent 5 minutes working on that for nothing… MY LIFE IS OVER!!! :mad:

  1. Set the animation to LoopStop in the action actuator in the Logic Bricks.

  2. I dont think they can ‘share’ them. Each object has its own properties, but you could use python to set an objects property from another object. What is the scenario that you need to share properties?

  3. Make sure that you click the ‘F’ next to the actions name in the Action Editor. This forces blender to save the action even if the datablock is not being used by anything. This is a problem that gets many people and I think its about time that ‘F’ is on by default.

Answer to no. 1, change the Action-Play to Action-Loop Stop or Loop End.

Here’s a great resource on logic bricks.

Answer to no. 2, yes, they certainly can.

Answer to no. 3, you probably didn’t press the F on the animation selecter. That will automatically save the animation. The reason the animation got deleted is that sometimes the object is not actively using the animation. When you save the file, it gets washed away because it has no current purpose.

Hope that helped!


For number 2, I want the zombies to tract to the nearest human, so I thought the properties would be shared amongst each other, how would I do this…

Are you using python or logic bricks?

I’ll remake that animation then, and I did the Loop Stop but nothing happened, which is why I resorted to Blender Artists.
I’ll try again with the fresh animation and get back to this thread soon.

Thanks klauser & NinjAcademy :slight_smile:

Logic Bricks 4 Me :smiley:

Well you could use an ‘Edit Object’ actuator, that’s set to ‘Track to’. But that seems quite restricted, as without python I think you will be limited to tracking only 1 human.

Are you sure you cant be lured over to the python way? My experience with logic bricks is quite limited as I always use python for just about all logic in a game.

I suppose so. Just to clarify, python is used in the text editor, correct?
All you gotta do is copy ‘n’ paste a script or code of some sort to the text editor and
have a python controller to activate it.

As you can see, I’m a failure, but heres hoping I am at least a bit close to what python is.

Yep you use the text editor. Running in script execution mode (default) will give you a dropdown of all your files in the text editor to make linking them easier.

I tried the loop-end thing you suggested. It didn’t work. Here are the results.
(Just keep walking 'till the animation ends. It does not continue! :0)

@LamboFreak: Ah, yes I see. Where is the location where you get these texts.
I must try a simple one and learn from there!


Zombie.blend (440 KB)

In the action actuator, set the ‘End’ to 80. The reason that it didn’t seem like it was looping was because it was playing the action until frame 216, and your animation finishes on frame 80. So it was playing blank frames between frame 80 and 216.

I would also look into using Armatures for your characters.

Oh snap, thanks!
And I’m not gonna do armatures. The arms are held out in front
and I’m satisfied with that, and the legs are ok. I might redo the animation.
It’s kinda horrible.

No problem. Well if you change your mind and fancy a quick look at armatures, then I have just quickly made a simple example of a zombie with an idle animation and a walk animation (please forgive the quality, made it in 2 mins)

If you play, then press ‘w’ he should play the walk animation then back to idle. He doesn’t move forward or anything, I just wanted this to nice and simple just incase you fancied a quick look. :slight_smile:


Zombie01.blend (1.66 MB)

Here is my zombie now, and I have one last question: why do the physics not work on him?
He doesn’t fall. Why?
Nice model by the way, funny idle animation. :stuck_out_tongue:


Zombie1.blend (483 KB)