3 Stick Movies

Im a stick movie fan and i have discovered that blender is a great tool for making stick movies
I have done 3 new stick movies.
you can see them here
some of you have already seen the first ones, but the 3 last ones are new.

! It loads quite a while!

As i can see there are no comments. So, i assume that you might have encountered the Advertisement before getting to the avatars.
if some of you dint know that you just have to click on the arrow button to go to the avatars page.

You’re a sick man :slight_smile: Pretty well done though.

Interestingly (or not) I discovered Blender when searching for something to do simple stick-figure animations with. 18 months later I’ve done a fair bit of messing with the animation tools but I never did get around to making a stick-figure toon.

Kuule päiris head !
Võiksid teha mingi 10 minutilise filmi nendest :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey pretty good!
You should try to make a 10 minute movie outta them.

Estonian sounds funny if you’re finnish.

So does finnish if you’re estonian :stuck_out_tongue:

Not bad… :cool:


tohoh…eestlasi kah siin foorumis näha.
peale sinu tean veel üthe eestlast ja rohkem vist polegi.

10 minutilist filmi olen mõelnud teha küll, aga arvuti jääb lahjaks. Renderdamine kestaks terve igaviku.

How do you make these with Blender?

something to do simple stick-figure animations with

Try Pivot (if you’re still interested in stickmen).

how did you make the gif? I tried GIMP but i hate putting all the frames manually

I use microsoft gif editor
it adds the pics automatically.