Just came across this software being developed! This is amazing!!! My jaw is still on the ground!

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cool and fast

rather impressive if it’s not some fake, the code behind those shape recognition must be really genius level

this will be great for creating quick base meshes for further work.

probably went to same genius school as the guys who made zremesher :smiley:

DAMN… if it is not a fake…it truly is amazing

Wow! I surprised two things of this.
Make it possible to convert objects on perspective as the telescope.
And since the conversion is with symmetrical objects, more impressive than 3D conversion seems to me the smart inpainting method used when the converted object is moved or removed. I have not seen anything it work so well and fast in photoshop and GIMP (Content Aware Fill, Resynthesize, G’MIC inpaint). If I were to say this is a fake, I would say because the latter I said. But if true, it’s amazing!
Just hope it’s OpenSource code and they not sell the technology to Adobe :smiley:

Regarding inpainting, in the telescope scene clearly the telescope is on a separate layer to the background image. But in the other scenes seem to be photos in a single layer.

Draw side view profile (half of object vertically) + Spin, yep yep, I think it is all what it can do.

It seems to also extract perspective, fit copies to matching objects in different positions, and it also works with rectangular profiles.

Seems very fast as it is said.Looking forward to it.