3 things i would like to see in blender.

there are some things i think that would make blender “better”.

-Meshes or objects when you append them dont keep the shape keys

-One button to make all the materials shadeless/nonshadeless

-The ability to see the whole name of the imahe you have as a texture in the uv editor
no you can only see the amount of numbers that the box of the name has, it doesnt import the whole name, just the ones thst fit in there, so sometimes with large names you just cant see the right name. ( pros use large names : This_black_lights_preview_anything. )


Maybe the second one is not so important but i think max had it so it maybe is commonly used. and i was asked to do it , and i had to do it one by one.

What do you think ? :smiley:

But Blender already does all that.
The mesh do keep the shape keys after apended;
There is a Shadeless/non shadless button (not for all the materials at once but independetly yes);
And I think, (just personal opinium) that it’s not necessary such big letters for the images in the UV editor because they would get in the way.

There is a Shadeless/non shadless button (not for all the materials at once but independetly yes);
So it isn’t a button that applies it to all at once then, is it? :slight_smile:
It would be nice if blender applied changes in the edit buttons to all selected objects, and not just the active object.

I would like easy to use corrective shape keys. By that I mean something like pose mode but for a dynamic mesh edit - move the armature to new positions, if you don’t like the deformation then edit the mesh directly. Blender should take the new shape and automatically key it so I don’t have to muck around with the IPO editor. It should have the option to create a mirror key too. Then I can add muscle and joint movements in one go. The vertex groups should be connected to the shape keys so I can fix multiple joints at the same time and Blender will realise that the arm fix doesn’t apply to the leg fix because they involve different bone vertex groups.

(just while we’re on the topic of things you would like to see in blender…)

I put this up on Blenderstorm but last time I checked no one had read it