3 things

  1. How would i make realistic metal so it dosent reflect everything and stays silver in some parts?(think a sword)

  2. what would be the best way to make a leaf of flower petal (i need both)? (think kasumi)

  3. what would the best way to make smoke shaped like a skull? (think the nazgul)

this will all really help!! thanks!

For shiny metal you would want high spec. low hardness, a lot of reflection and some fresnal. For normal metal have lower reflection and some more fresnal.

For petals, you would want very low spec and hardness and a texture maybe real stretched in one of the planes with the button to affect spec color on.

This could be done by making a skull shape out of clumps of verticies and assign a halo with no bright center to them.

thx i’ll try these

good tip for metals:

  • basic color: black (yes, black)
  • high spec, color: grey to white for steel/chrome, others for coloured metals (copper, brass…)
  • reflections, at least for polished metals. raytracing is maybe too clean, use animated env-maps instead (coz you can also blur them a bit).

for a good effect, you can also use two materials for the sword: a less specular, darker base material, and a high-spec, highly reflective material for the cutting edge.

the skull is tricky… i also think the halo-trick is your best bet. you might also look if some of the other supported renderers (yafray, aqsis, virtua light etc.) have support for volumetric rendering. if you manage to set up things correctly, you can render this part externally and integrate it in the final shot via compositing.

You can add to it barely visible stretched textures and make it affect the ray mirror value to get a slightly more realistic reflection.

how woud i do this? ( sorry i’m new)

also the metal dosn’t look much like metal…just shiny black plastic…