3 way symmetry

Not sure if I worded the title right, but how would you mirror/set up a model with this kind of symmetry (or even a 5 way symmetry?)?

Link to the actual video, if anyone cares:

Thank you so much for your suggestions…

You mean something like thsi quicky (not enaugh bend, no proper borders):

oh thanks for the swift reply!

yes something like that, but it’s not the actual model in the video, I’d like to know how set up whatever in a way that it creates 3 way mirrors, which actually, I think I just answered my own question lol !

I just use one mirrored object and copy it 2 times in 120 degree angles, right?

Although some parts would not be clipped, right? (the function in mirror modifier that joins vertices together, which I love)

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There was a similar question about a symmetric window recently:

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Basically, if you want to exploit the full symmetry of the object you can:

  • create a sixth of it
  • add a mirror modifier
  • add an array modifier with “object offset”:
    • the offset object (e.g. an Empty) should be placed exctly in the center and rotated 120°
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Ah yes, i saw that too but didn’t bother for the mirror in this quicky:
cylinder divideable by 3, cut away2/3, add circel in sideview, spin array around 120 degree rotated empty.
And of course some help of my not green and not so little friend GHhudofiyd :alien: from actually the other side of the moon and not from another galaxy (that would be nonsense :crazy_face: ).

Thank you so much for the reply, it works. (edit: this is a reply to Tachtian)

But, as I am really rusty on my blender skillz, why can’t I apply any of the modifiers?
array-symmetry.blend (751.9 KB)

I’m not quite sure what the reason was, but if you delete the two hidden cubes then you’re able to apply them.

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Delete the other two cubes (cube.001, cube.002), then you can apply the modifier-stack.

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Interesting! :smiley: