30 Day Blender Challange

With everything going on i thought i would sharpen up my modeling skill i found this modeling challenge form CGcookie and thought i would give it a try!

Here is the day 1 model:

Please fell free to point any anything or give any tips! :slight_smile:


PS: ill be posting my daily work here everyday as to not spam the system :stuck_out_tongue:

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Day #2: the lamp

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Day #3: the bookshelf

Day #4: Coffee table

Day #5: Arm Chair

(was having a little trouble with the cloth sim for the cushions but it turned out ok in the end)

try using the cloth brush in sculpt mode

ah good point forgot about that XD

Day #8: Axe

I think you could benefit from looking at reference, i.e. an actual axe. Axes don’t work the way you’ve modeled it :wink:
The handle doesn’t just go flush to the metal. It goes all the way through, and is held stiff in place with a wedge.
Also, it’d be extremely uncomfortable holding, and using, an axe with such a square handle. Typical handles have elliptic or pear-shaped cross-section, to allow for easy grip and slide.
Also, proportions. Yours looks like it wants to have a large axe head but a small hatchet handle.

Hey man thx for the reply, yeah now that i look at it it dose look a little out of proportions, in my later models ill look for (top, left/right, side) ref images. :wink:

PS: thx for the feedback

Day #9: Combat knife / Dagger