30 Day Challenge

Hi everyone, first time poster.
I did a 30 day challenge for isometric renders and since it’s made in Blender, I thought I’d share it here.


Thanks for watching!

EDIT: added a few example images here also.

Excellent job! I expecially like the house on the pound(The Shed of lake Shedowski?) and the library, but also the others are not less interesting.
Have you recorded a timelapse of the creation of one of those?
And welcome to this forum :D!

Lovely stuff! Put some of them on this thread if you can.

Soooo cute! I love it. All those tiny details, are awesome!
The first scene seems to me a bit boring, it will be mre interesting maybe if you add some colorful object, nevertheless it is a adorable scene :3

This is so awesome! :slight_smile: I love it. Something retro with amazing graphics.

Great concept, looks awesome!!