30 Day Gestural Sculpting Challenge

This is the first of a 30 day sculpting challenge. Over the next 30 days, I’ll do 30 of these “gestural” sculpts. These are intended to be quick sketch sculpts to capture the feel and motion of a given pose.

My focus in these sculpts is as an exploration for the poses for my Pegasus project and another project I have in mind to do. This first one is a rearing horse, which is the basis for the final image I’m working on.

While I’m off on a few details in this particular one, I think this one turned out fine. At least, from this angle. As it’s turned around, the illusions breaks down. I’ll work on doing it better from different angles.

I’m doing this here, instead of the WIPs, because these aren’t intended to be more than a sketch.

Comments and suggestions welcome! If you’re doing a challenge, I’d love to hear from you as well.

This is the day 2 sculpt of a man falling. Although I think I got a number of areas to thin, I think the basic proportions otherwise are fairly close and that I managed to get a good pose. Unlike the one yesterday, it even looks good from other angles.

Okay… I know… I forgot to work on this project for a week. But the month is far from over, so there’s plenty of time to get 27 more in :smiley:

As for this one, it’s a second take on the rearing horse. This one is from a different reference. I think it turned out better than the first one.

Second take on man falling. These seem to be getting easier and I’m able to get further along, even with only 15 to 30 minutes. Again, from a different reference from the first.

Trying for a wing pose. I think I got the wings up too high on the neck. But otherwise, I think this turned out okay.

Okay… I know I’m behind. Here’s the thing. I’ve decided to not complete this challenge. Not because I can’t finish it or because I’m behind. I could easily catch up with just a week of doing 2 a day. But I’ve come to realize that this project isn’t a priority. Rather, the priority is another project that I started back in January.

If you want to learn more about what led to this decision, you can read about it in a blog post I just wrote: