30 Days of Tutorials Challenge

I’m challenging myself to do 30 days of tutorials to explore new techniques, and break myself out of a creative and psychological rut. I don’t expect this thread to be particularly interesting to anyone, but posting publicly encourages people to follow through with things or whatever.

Day 1:

Created by following Ducky3D’s Create An easy Stylized Forest Animation Loop in Eevee, Blender Tutorial, different color palette though. The gif was to large to upload. I’ve always wanted to do one of his crazy atmospheric style render tutorials, so here it is.


Hey I find this 30 days of tutorials idea inspiring! I’ve been meaning to start doing more tutorials myself and I might join you :slight_smile:


It seemed like a fun idea. Just need to come up with a cool hashtag for it like #nodevember and #inktober have. ; D

Day 2:

After the GeoNode tutorial I was following turned out to be outdated(?) and unworkable I tried to switch gears and make a tree following the MTree tutorial, and then spent way too long trying to download a version of Blender it would work for with no luck… I did bake an HDR out of the Nishita sky so it could be used in Eevee though, but I’m not counting that. So Day 2 got delayed.

I followed a tutorial to code an addon. Honestly, I’m not sure I learned as much as I was hoping with it. I would’ve rathered the addon demonstrate how to apply them from a .blend file since that is the more sensible approach for something like this.

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#tutoriall? :grin: Cool initiative, have fun!

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Day 3:
Here in the “Complicated addons I own but can’t use because I haven’t watched the tutorials category we present: HairTool. I ended up following two tutorials, and honestly I’m not 100% sold this is better than placing strands by hand with curves, but it was much faster and I think with further experimentation I could come up with a workflow for better results, though that workflow may end up being combining the two approaches.

Please excuse the untextured character.

Day 4:

I honestly don’t understand how anyone gets compositing done in Blender.

Day 5: I did this one because it reminds me of Horizon Zero Dawn. I really envy Ducky 3D’s ability to just go in there and confidently model a few simple shapes and wind up with something striking.