30 fps to 24 fps with same time


I’d like to convert 30 fps to 24 fps only same time duration.
I heard adjusting Time Remapping from Dimensions will work for this, but I have more questions.

I think Time remapping will convert numbers of old frames to new frames, so if I set old to 30 and new to 24, it will automatically change every 30 fps to 24 fps, right?
But how is this going to save the whole time duration? is Time Remapping works with seconds, too? For example, Does ‘changing every 30 fps to 24 fps’ means ‘changing every 30 fps per second to 24 fps per second’?

Also, how should I set Frame Rate when I adjust Time Remapping? Can I just set it to 24 fps, which was the desired framerate?

Thank you.

For anyone who still wants to know this, check this post:

Or see this pic:

You can’t just change the FPS number.
If you change FPS from 30 to 24,
the time duration of the animation will take a little longer
(tho in your case, not by a lot since 24 is kind of close to 30).

P.S. I don’t really know what the other numbers do.
I just figured this out a while ago and saved the instructions.

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Thanks a lot. It’s really useful feature.

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