30 mins before Christmas

30 minutes before Christmas and everything seems under control.

Our objective on this project was to both learn and understand Blender and other freesource softwares while creating some Christmas fun and entertainment in the process. We completed this in less than two weeks and had an absolute blast doing it. Merry Christmas everyone!

Software used:

  • Krita (Free)
  • Blender (Free)
  • Davinci Resolve (Free)
  • Substance painter (Paid) 20 dollars a month.

Very nice work! I have cleaned up your post a bit - it looks like you copied it straight from social media and both the formatting and ‘@’ mentions didn’t work here (those of the contributors still don’t - perhaps you can edit that and replace them with their names or handles here on BA?)

Thank you so much for letting me know! yes!! I´ll edit it so they work. I´m really glad you liked it : )

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This was a joy to watch! He is surprisingly nimble in his drunken state. :sweat_smile: Poor santa.

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