30 Plus 30 Tutorial: Cannot Paste Flipped Poses

I’m using Blender 2.42a on Ubuntu Linux (Edgy Eft, if the Ubuntu version matters). I’ve been working through the “First Animation in 30 Plus 30 Minutes.” While I’ve learned a lot, I have to say it takes a lot more than 30 minutes to work through either half of this if you’re not used to Blender. I’ve run into a few problems and this one I’ve read and re-read the tutorial and still can’t get it to work right. (the tutorial URL, btw, is


I am trying to create the animation now and have created my pose in frame 1, then created the pose in frame 11. For frame 21, I am told to go back and copy the pose in frame 1, then “Paste Flipped Pose” into frame 21. This pose has the gingerbread man’s arms so one is up and one down and his left leg is forward slightly. When I paste the flipped pose, his arms are flipped, as should be, but his legs are NOT flipped. The left leg is still forward, instead of the right one. Then I went on (figuring I could sort this out later) and copied the pose in frame 11, moved to frame 31 (and yes, I’m saving the poses with “LocRot” each time), and pasted the flipped pose into frame 31. This time there was absolutely no difference between the pose in frame 11 and the flipped pose in frame 31.

What am I doing wrong? I’ve noticed a few spots in the tutorial where it doesn’t warn you to change some settings. For instance, it never specifies that the point of rotation has to be changed to the selected object instead of the cursor. Could I have done something to limit which axis I’m flipping?

Any help appreciated!



Do you have all the bones selected when you “copy” the pose?

By the way, that tutorial is a bit out of date and there are some places where it may not work as advertised with 2.42. I’d suggest this one instead, which is much more comprehensive and up to date: