<30 sec Char/Book introduction Vid needed

Hello, I just registered and this is my first post, it is not a scam so be polite. I am a 57, well 58, as of yesterday year old ex-Marine who needs help.

Heres the deal, I have a new Char-book series I need to promote to agents/publishers/the Public. The publishing field is hard to break into so I must think outside the bun so to speak. I need my char created/modeled into a short <30 second video that can be aired on severial sites to draw public attention and interest to him. With public interest he will grow an interest and a following that the agents and/or publishers will notice, well hopefully.

Here is what I need:
Char created ( I have description which must be utilized )
There will be min movement during vid, only breeze blowing his hair and background objects, ie: smoke, banners, etc, till last second when camera zooms into closeup of his eyes.
There will be text, that fades in then out throughout video.

Your creation will be instrumental in future cover art and will be honorably mentioned. This is a deferred payment as I am starving just as much as you are at this time. Payments to be discussed with contract to follow.

I will be disclosing details of the novel so a non-disclosure will be required.

OK not even sure if I am in the correct place to post this.
What I am looking for, try to picture this:
Static scene, my char standing in an open field, middle of recient battle, bodies strewn about, mass carnage. Only movement is slight breeze rustling fallen banners, main chars hair, blood slowly dripping from tips of swords. Text fade ins and out. Last second camera zooms in to eyes and last text fades on screen.
My char must be realisticly modeled, as this will possible be used for cover art work. Discriptions for his looks, and armors he is wearing will be given.
What I need is I guess a cross over CGI char created and ported into a short vid for posting.

I am ignorant, but know what I am looking for, like an old school game demo teaser but realistic. If I am looking in the wrong place and you think I should go here or there please direct me. I looked at Anime and Hentai but not sure if that is what I need.

I would help but I’m not shore what you looking for it don’t sound anything that sounds to hard to do

Maybe some existing photos as a reference for us…
he should look realistic??

I made a head one or two days ago, witch looks realy cool I think, but not perfect( of course)…But when I refine the textur he might look better

maybe post some existing photos…so we know what you want…

I interestet…I don’t know exactly what you want, but I could do some part maybe…
You said it should look realistic…
like this:

Kbo39 and Miclack thank you for replying. I have no pictures that I can relay other than his picture in my mindseye and description in my novel. Think 11th-12th century, 16 year old (youthfull appearance) but hardened by all the death he has experienced (death changes a person which is reflected in their appearance, gives the person a sadder, distant look) I know that first hand. Black hair shoulder length, no scars nor imperfections on face, eyes like a cats, green, vivid green. Tight set mouth, strong youthfull jawline, no shadow from facial hair, medium eyebrows, medium build more towards the slim side but with a strength that radiates from withen (almost a demonic tinge to facial expression, like yes he is young but by no means innocent).

This picture depicts him at the end of the first novel after all the death he has witnessed and commited, he has changed from the sweet innocent young child he was at the beginning into a carnicure of his present.

The video will be like an early FF or other game demo, the hero standing there with minium movement around him except for smoke, breeze ruffling fallen or askew banners and his hair. In full armors which will be discribed to the person capible of creating this along with full disclosure of charactor.

Again I must state this is a deferred payment, I must use this vid to gain support from others on socal medial sites to help gain agent and publisher attention. When the money comes in so does yours and it will be more then if you simply charged me a flat fee to create this. The person responsible for the creation will be fully credited with the creation, which I will desire/request to be used for any future artwork for the novel series.

A PM sent to both of you with my e-mail address.

So are you wanting a video were it shows him some what ageing just slowly changing. Is that what you looking for. Also I’m not that good with meshes I’m good with animation.

Kbo39, no this video will be of him at the end of the first novel. I am not sure of animation but if it can be done looking realistic I’m all for it. Its not the comic type anime/hentai that I am looking for.

The only animation will be smoke blowing across the battlefield, slight breeze making fallen banners flutter, blood dripping slowly off his swords, till last instant when camera zooms in on his eyes in a piercing gaze. There will be text fading in then out throughout the video, thats all I can disclose at this point.

Sorry for late reply…

I think I can test it for you…I can do the charackter, when the job is still free… :wink:
I can make one for you…You don’t have images??..Just search on google images or flickr and so on and post some links that look simular to your charakter…

Just post some pictures and then I will start…