30 sec Stick Figure Animation needs feedback (GL Render)

Hey All,

Here is an Animation I’m working on. This is my first real ‘character animation’ so I’d really love some constructive criticism so I can make it better.
GL Render for times sake so all rigging and layers are visible
Since its still WIP I couldn’t include clients name or audio - sorry
If giving specific feedback please reference frame #'s in lower right hand corner,

Thanks all!!

I like it, maybe too much things on the screen in the same time. But thats just my opinion :slight_smile:

I liked it. I hope the client responds well

Very nice work!
Two comments.
1- Too much of the action takes place on of the far right of the frame, while the left edge is doesn’t have anything to balance the composition… (clearly exemplified with the freeze frame you posted).
2- The stick figure’s bright yellow color is somewhat lost against the white background. Rethink your color palette…

Thanks for the feedback,
-I’ll take a look at my general framing and see about balancing things as I go.
-This is just a GL render and has absolutely nothing to do with the actual colors that will be rendered

Client liked the initial render I sent him so work will continues, I’ll post some updates as I get them

Here is the final version as approved by the client