30 seconds of epic awesomeness

I recently finished this short - yet epic - promotional animation for my school.


Being my first real project with Blender, I’m actually happy with it. There are some things I could’ve done better - like the run - but hey, what’s the point if there is no room for improvement! :ba:

The basic idea (or synopsis) behind this shortie goes a little like this: an evil force is threatening mankind yet again, and it’s up to our heroine, the Cou-Girl, to slay the monster and save the world.

The “godzilla-kangaroo-mumbo-jumbo-like” monster represents “everything un-educated and un-skillful”, while the Cou-Girl represents our school (“COU” is an acronym of our school). In the video you see the heroine fly and land on the monster, and install all the degrees you can study in our school directly into his brain - thus killing the monster and “making the lack of skill obsolete”.

Man it’s really hard to translate this synopsis into english since alot of it relies in finnish wordplay and such.

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For those wondering: it’s fast paced and only 30 seconds long because it was supposed to be aired locally on some tv-station, but I recently heard that plan was scrubbed, so… meh :confused:

Awesome. A great animation. great character design aswell.

Excellent video ! It reminds me the old frame-per-frame animated movies, maybe because of the noisy image, I don’t know, but I like it !

very nice! how long did this take you to make?:slight_smile:

I love it! If you would want to make this into a real short film than you would have to make it longer. But it’s really good, I like your modelling of the monster and the compositing. You’ve definetely got good talent.

Looking good!

Yes, very nice!

Hah, cool! That was kinda what I was going for :smiley:

Very nice… Very nice indeed. Love the lighting.

Haha! :smiley: Tosi mahtava animaatio :DD

HA ha great and funny animation. Well done.
Usually I don’t like these but this is excellent stuff.

Kits :9


lol very cool :smiley: