300 Ghz


not to sure about this one? seems very suss…

Could not find an offical link from IBM or anything like that, Just the one website and others relating to it.
Storing information has been around for along via crystals and hence the thing of crystal ram and so forth.

But even if they did “introduce” this by 2009 which has long pass and almost been looped +1 :wink:
there would be the whole other world of things, If you speed up the main CPU then all the other CPU’s will need it and then your tracks and and everything else n every little pipe will need to be enlarged to allow for such a setup.

So, while possible… Its a revenue site
i could be wrong?

Look at the page. The “news” are from 8th may 2006 -.-
And the whole page has received no update since 2006. All news are from then. Look at the 10 best digicams and 10 best cellphones lol.

Besides that, you can buy an IBM SPARC T3 processor.
16 cores, 1.65GHz, can run 128 threads simultanious.
Systems support 4 CPUs, makes 512 renderthreads running parallel.

The Processor price is in the 5 digits =)

hmm… like the others, I kinda doubt this is real… would be totally awesome though, I admit it :smiley: I mean, an atom-driven processor! this is stuff I’ve only read in science-fiction stories like Isaac Asimov’s :slight_smile:

300Ghz… :eek:

if only it were real…