300 Lightsaber Rotoscope

If this really happened, the Spartans probably would have won. Anyway…

I wanted to Rotoscope in Blender using JL Art’s (Blenderartists) Lightsaber Rotoscoping technique. For the video I used Stephen Torreno’s Blow Me Away 300 Music Video. I re-aligned the audio in Blender.

Song: Blow Me Away (Breaking Benjamin)

Watch the Rotoscoped Video here- VimeoYoutube

Original source video is Stephen Torreno’s. Click this link to watch. (It’s really good!)

Looks awesome!

Why is there a part where he doesn’t have a lightsabre? around :10 you can see the sword

Other than that this is really cool

@Shadowbane: I know. It was because the video was such poor quality, that with all the 300 motion blur, I could not see the blade, so I didn’t rotoscope.

Also: Here is the Youtube link.