302 room

2 screenshot on Silent Hill 4. Is non rendering.


not rendered, but it already looks pretty awesome! When will the renders be ready? :slight_smile:

pretty nice textures - keep it up :slight_smile:

the textures are good… but a bit blurry… but the lighting loks fantastic. How did you achieve the lighting with the game engine?

looks good, but are the handles on the fridge and cupboards just textures??? Maybe you should model more of it to give it depth.

Anyhow, looks good.

This style would make an awesome game. Nice work dude, vey nice indeed.

Хорошие структуры. Хорошо сделанный. Я хочу видеть, что это закончило

Ya, ok… so I wanted to practice my russian… But these would make great game textures…

Ok I have to ask, what part of it is yours and what is part of the game, cause in the Door pic, I can tell the differenc, but not others.

This is good stuff! Radiosity is neat, and gives a subdued, almost erie look to the scene.