3080 ti with old cpu

Hi everyone, I just sold one kidney to buy a rtx 3080ti, I would like to wait a bit before selling the other one as well.
Do you think an “old” i7 4770k and 16gb ram with this monster is so crazy or can it be done? My previous card is a 1080ti.
Thank you very much

I’m not sure if I understood your question, but you shouldn’t have a problem with that CPU and your new card. Only you don’t expect CPU to bring something good for CPU+GPU hybrid render in Cycles. So you better set System item on preferences to use GPU only.

You try to add more RAM when you can.

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thanks, in fact I would only use the gpu. Someone in an Italian forum told me that during rendering (gpu only) I could have the gpu at 50% and the cpu at 100% :thinking:, but it seemed strange to me :grinning:

Cycles uses one CPU thread per GPU while GPU render. In your case with one GPU it will use one CPU thread at 100%, and your CPU does not have bad single threaded performance, so it should not have major problems.