3090 not detected for CUDA or OptiX

Hi there,

Took delivery of my new 3090 today (Gigabyte vision OC model).

Card went in perfect. Everything installed to Windows 10 without any problem…

Except that Blender won’t seem to detect it.

I’ve tried both the game and studio drivers, with no effect. Every version of Blender and ecycles I have (everything from most recent builds through 2.91 release to latest 2.83 LTS) and nothing has any effect. Tested a couple of games and they recognise it, the system recognises it… Blender doesn’t.

I previously had a vega 64 installed, so DDU-ed the old AMD drivers and the NVIDIA install to try again totally clean of display drivers. Still Blender detects no GPU. It’s starting to get a little worrying…

I would really appreciate any suggestions!

msi tomahawk 450
AMD 3900x CPU
Gigabyte vision OC 3090
64 GB RAM (corsair xtreme)
1000W corsair PSU

You try the latest development version 2.92:

If that still doesn’t work, you check if GPU-z detects CUDA capabilities:

Thanks for getting back to me.

Sadly I have tried latest nightly build with no success.

GPU-Z can’t find CUDA device.
gpuz no cuda

I am trying the latest nvidia drivers. Have tried the drivers Gigabyte link to on their site (from a month or so ago). I even tried installing the Nvidia CUDA developers kit in case there was some missing .dll that would be popped in and magically make it all work. I have updated bios and chipset to latest drivers. Checked my antivirus isn’t somehow scuppering the driver install in the background.

All with zero success.

Starting to wonder if the card could somehow be faulty? Have a new hard drive arriving tomorrow so will try a fresh windows install I guess. If that doesn’t work then i guess I have to return the card…

Any other suggestions super welcome. This was not the transition to the 30 series I was looking for!

Perhaps you could do a totally clean new install of Windows on another partition to rule out problems with current installation.

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So did a fresh install on a partition (great shout YAFU - don’t know how i didn’t think of that) & 3090 worked perfectly.

So reinstalled Windows on my original drive (keeping all files and apps) and it’s all working 100% now.

Just in case anyone else hits the same horrifying problem!


I’m curious what you had for video card(s) before the 3090? Was there AMD hardware in the mix etc.? Perhaps something didn’t get fully uninstalled when you put the 3090 in.

Just a thought.

It was a Vega 64 so could have been some AMD nonsense leftover. But I did thoroughly uninstall everything first in safe mode etc so it seems a bit strange…

The strangest thing was when I adjusted the TDR (for ecycles) the card disappeared again!

Removed a few of the registry entries again and bang - back it came.

Really weird!

it is called windows lol … the most popular realtime adventure game ever

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