31 GB of BVH cache stored on my Harddrive

Hi is it normal that blender uses 31 gb of my ssd disk space :D?

While caching is maybe helpful, why isn’t the cache file deleted when blender shuts down, or is it normal that blender you have it to do by hand on purpose?
But i can delete the files by hand safely won’t affect blender right?

Hi, this was introduced as Blender does not had threaded BVH building, you can switch it off in performance setting.
Since 2.77 it is kicked anyway.
You can delete all cache files without problems.

Cheers, mib

how about the blender 2.7x files , why does it need more than only the blender 2.77 to run?

with “since 2.77 its kicked anyways”, do you mean 2.78 and higher, because the 2.77 has already 7 gb of Bvh cached on my disk.

how about the blender 2.7x files , why does it need more than only the blender 2.77 to run?

I don´t understand what you mean.

Hm, Blender 2.77 does not have Cache BVH setting anymore, dunno where the cache files are come from.


This feature is badly designed on multiple levels. The files are never deleted and the users is never informed about them. They are stored in the settings folder, alongside valuable data. This folder is located in APPDATA/Roaming, which few users know about (bad design by Microsoft) and which is the wrong place to put disposable data. The folder location is not configurable. Every time you update Blender with “copy previous settings”, these files are apparently copied (which would explain why they’re still in your 2.77 folder). There is no association to the .blend file, every time you modify your scene (in a way that would change the BVH) and re-render, a new file is created.

To top it all off, the feature has been counter-productive since several versions now, because plain BVH builds are usually faster than the overhead of caching. Luckily, it has been removed by now, but there’s likely lots of these files still lurking in the settings folders of many users, ready to get copied on upgrade…

In other words, these files are worse than useless, you can safely delete them.

Now I just need threaded build bvhtree from a game mesh…

from poly is slow :slight_smile: