32" 4K monitor with Blender?

I am interested in getting a 32" 4K monitor, but I am curious about the performance impact on Blender given the GPU (RTX 2x/3x series) has to output more pixels.

Has anyone tested/compared UHD and QHD monitors in DCCs for performance purposes?

I’m using 55" 4k tv as monitor… really cool… but I think 40" is better.


I am running three 4K monitors, two on a 2070 Super and one on a 2080 Super.
I can not tell you the exact performance impact but it works fine. And the extra screen space is a bliss.

I had a single 4K monitor combined with two 1080p monitors and it would have been enough but I had lots of trouble with such a setup. Ubuntu was terrible with multi monitors at different resultions and windows - while a lot better in that regard - still glitched here and there. So I decided to simply go with 3 4Ks and now everything is perfect.

What are the dimensions of the monitors?

I think they are 28 inchers.

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not tried it. I run 2 monitors side by side 27", one is 2560X1440 View Sonic which is my main monitor. And the other is a samsung tv/monitor 1080p… I like having two distinct workspaces so i can have a youtube tutorial or website up on the right hand monitor and work in blender on the viewsonic.

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There’ll be some frame rate loss for sure. But I don’t think it’s a big deal since using these 3D apps means stop & go on CPU and GPU all the time anyway. You would probably only notice when doing the same thing continuously, like playing back an animation over and over and then comparing FPS.

I jumped from a 27-inch multimonitor setup to a single 34-inch and am now using a 38-inch monitor with (almost) 4K resolution and I can not say that the Blender experience has worsened. Rather the contrary :slight_smile:

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you can turn on nvidia super resolutions (or whatever they are called) and let your desktop set the 4k resolution. itll be blurry obviously, but internally the system will behave like its got that monitor.

i used that and found 2k was a sweet spot, 4k was much too huge and my 2070 super struggled more than id liked.

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games must really suck on that 4k 55", unless u got a 3090, the FPS is gonna be dogwater. But if you don’t game, then I guess it works fine??

A screen’s dimensions has nothing to do with frame rate and a cards ability to play images. 4K is 4K no matter what the size of the screen.
3840x2160 is the same whether it’s a 10” screen or a 62” screen.

Now with a larger screen your PPI is going to be lower for equal resolutions, but that has zero impact on a GPU.

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Like i said, as long as you don’t play FPS games, it probably won’t matter much. But if you are a gamer, a 3070 driving a 4k display is gonna be dog water.