32/64 bit exe

I noticed that when I export my game to an exe with a 64 bit blender version, the exported exe doesn’t work on 32 bit systems, but only on 64 bit systems.
When I export my game to an exe with a 32 bit blender version, the exported exe does work on 32 bit systems and on 64 bit systems.

So my conclusion is that your blender version determines if your exported exe will be a 32 or a 64 bit exe.

So what would be the best option?

  1. Export the game to a 32 bit exe, so both (32 and 64) systems can run it, or…
  2. Export the game to a 32 bit exe and to a 64 bit exe, and make them both available to download so the user can choose which one he needs for his computer.

First option is the easiest for me and for the person who wants to download my game since there is no choice.
But is it good to run a 32 bit game on a 64 bit computer? I mean; will there be any performance degradation?


I do not know a reason, why it shouldn’t be fine.

Not a bit.

Ok thanks,
So it is just not worth it to make a 64 bit version available?

64-bit version should run better, but 32-bit on 64-bits will run the same as 32-bit on 32-bits. Actually 64-bit means that CPU can do 2 power by 64 tasks per second while 32-bit can do only 2 power by 32 tasks per second, but that is just AFAIK.

The bit depth of the application also has to do with how the program utilizes memory. If you have a game that takes up a large amount of memory (where the total amount of memory used by the computer in general exceeds 4 GB), and you want the program to be able to use the system’s RAM, you’ll need to make the game 64-bit. Otherwise, it’s probably not really worth worrying about.