32 bit texture

I try to import some texture and file from zbrush to blender. But it seems that blender only support 24 bit texture. did someone know a workflow to get crip texture and ambient map from zbrush to blender.

Are you sure ?

I just textured a cube with an .hdr, and I would have thought they were 32 bit.

Could it be your system is missing a lib to allow Blender to use the higher depth. Or is it a Windows thing ?

EDIT - You could try using IMageMagick (or Cinepaint - linux only) to convert the zbrush maps to .tga ?


I m on linux, ubuntu.
when i try to export from zbrush to .tiff blender do not open .tiff.
I did try to export tiff to tga from gimp, but i don t know if gimp can export 32 bit. I was guessing that gimp open 32 bit but convert it to 24 when going for tga…

I know that with the introduction of GEGL Gimp now has the potential for 16 bit colour, but the one I have (2.6) still only handles 8 bit - this may be different if you use a Gimp svn build.

Does this thread mean anything to you ? - http://blenderartists.org/forum/showthread.php?t=148025

24bit + alpha = 32bit. Both Gimp and Blender handle 32bit images with the alpha normally used for transparency. If you want to use it for something else then it may be easier to decompose the image in Gimp and save the alpha channel as a greyscale image.

basically my trouble is that my map are too little so i got wached out map.
Is there some softare tha let people paint bump map and normal map. I dont want to displce just add some fine and crisp details

is there some paint texture software running on linux?