I have created a wedding invitation game, that has been sent to the wedding guests on cd. It has been made on blender 2.49b.


I have written an article on my blog with some information about it, and the game is also there for download under a Creative Commons att nc sa license.

Blog post about the game.
(I wanted to also add a direct link to the game but the forum said that’d be too many urls, anyway, big brown woody link there.)

I’m afraid it’s not the kind of projects someone can learn something from, but rather like the ones where someone is scrambling to come to terms with all the aspects of a production before the deadline’s due. In any case, I’d be happy to hear from anyone who’s had a look.

Very nice one! If you can do more work on the optimization of scene presentation, it is much better!

I have to say the genre of the game is kind of boring but you had turned it into something that looks great good job. I will be trying it out soon.

Indeed, scene loading was something I didn’t have the chance to optimize at all, and I suspect that a better way would involve a fundamentally different approach. I initially had the scenes stringed together, but then I needed to have a playlist of music playing throughout the game. So I created a wrapper scene to put the music in and loaded the other scenes within it, but that happened at the last minute and I had very little chance to optimize it.

In general my approach on this game was to use only logic bricks for scene management, but now it’s over I have been playing around with libload and python and in my next project I hope to use proper classes for my objects and handle my scenes through python for better control.

Yes, it’s got next to nothing in terms of game logic and its target audience is all ages including the elderly. It was however a very appropriate challenge for me - in fact, I think I would have made something very similar just to experiment if that project hadn’t come along.

Thanks for the good words, guys, and the critique is very welcome (even if i might take a while to answer)

Hey friends i never play this game but now a days im playing need for speed most wanted n i play that game 80% n i hope i’ll end that game if i get a spare time to play