350 hour render, fluid simulation

This simulation took about 100 hours to bake, and about 350 to render with approximate ambient occlusion. It was a little disappointing for the wait, but I think part of that was just my lighting and camera angle could have been better.

I’m thinking on rerendering it with some lighting the defines the fluid better, and the mixing it with this version.

Vimeo link: http://vimeo.com/5818405

Hey man, that looks decent, a lot better than the other fluid sims ive seen recently. Keep up the good work.

350 hours is a big commitment to fluid running in a box, however it looks awesome :slight_smile:

Nice looking material on the water. Better than the plain grey material that most people use. A long wait, but worth it, I think. :wink:

If you used ray tracing then with your next rendering you could try Z transparency to speed it up since you have a good basis for the water and then composite the 2 like you said.

Because it actually looks like decent water, you could play with this quite easily. Toxic goop by changing the colour curves of the second rendering to green and putting it through a blur and glow filter before mixing it in? Fairy water by using pink/purple and glow? A foggy particle system hanging over the surface? Possibilities are endless.

Have fun. :slight_smile:

Holly-scrolly, 350 hours??

Yeah, sorry you waited so long. Maybe a little more ambitious composition would have been worth the wait.

350h is a long time, what like 14 and a half DAYS:eek:
it’s looking really nice but to be honest i think there should be a little more then water flowing into a box for that long a render time

Very impressive sim, I think that you’ve got the settings just right. Tough to know what to do with the material as this one certainly does a great job of showing or the IOR and speculaity. If you want to experiment with the material and compositor settings, perhaps you could just renderevery tenth frame?

time to upgrade the celeron? When people give render times like this, we really should be indication system specs. Looks good. If you’re up to re-baking, I’d adjust the time variable, so it’s more real-time looking, instead of slow-mo. Try it at a low-res bake to adjust the timing, then bake at high res when it’s good.

This looked really good.

Wondering about the bake settings and your comp specs…

That looks really good. Propably the most detailed water I’ve ever seen. Would it be too much to ask for system specs, I’m quite curious. :slight_smile:

use a render farm service next time, probably cost you 5 bucks to render that scene and they would have it done in about 20 minutes. ??/ maybe an option

i take it back… it could be way pricey.

so you waiting a little over 14 days for this to render? I would of quit after 5 minutes. mainly because my art is way worse and not worth waiting for lol.

Not bad, although for 450hrs all up that pretty disappointing
I thing blender need to optimize the fluid sim, I hope the smoke sim is faster
could you post all the specs (pc & fluid rez…)

Mind posting your system specs? I have been playing with fluids and a set of 12 cores (my little farm) longest bake i have ever had was like 20 minutes, longest render ~ 30-40 minutes.

That’s an amazing fluid sim, BUT 450 HOURS!!! I would never have that much patience.

Hey OP people have Questions, We want answers… stop with the fail…

For renders like this, I wouldn’t blink at spending 20 bucks to do it on Respower in a fraction of the time. Remember, $20 buys you unlimited rendering for an entire month as long as each frame takes less than 15 minutes to render. :slight_smile:

Also, another 20 bucks buys you an additional 15 minutes per frame, so it’s not all that much more expensive even if your frames do take a bit longer to render. I believe that they have a section on their site that explains how to upload fluid sim data, too.

Musta been a 486 with 16mb ram… seriously… I keep cranking up fluid bake resolutions currently running a 300 and my bake times for a 40 second realtime are running 12-14 hours.