36 Days of Type 2019

This is the alphabet and numbers set for this year’s 36 Days of Type.

For those who are new to ‘36 Days of Type’ – It’s a project that invites designers, illustrators and artists to express/ interpret the letters and numbers of the English alphabet. A lot of people either design fonts, illustrate the letters, animate them or render it out in 3D compositions. This year I focused on experimenting with 3D comps on the theme of MCU. It was challenging and fun coming up with varied comps within the constraints of the theme.

Did the entire thing in Blender 2.8. For post processing and animation compositing I used Photoshop and After Effects respectively. You can view the entire set in its full pixel definition at either of these platforms Artstation, Behance, Dribbble or Instagram(animations). Choose any :slight_smile:

Some of my favorite ones that I am proud of.