360 image visualisation tool using Blender and Unity

Hello to all,
in my company I have to work with HDRI, I create them.
We upload all of them for our clients in Japan.
I always used Blender like a hobby, I never had to work with it.
I am also not a programmer.

Here I would like to share what I have done so fare and what is my final goal.

I have professional tools, that I can use, but I do as a challenge to myself, prefer to build something that better reflect what I imagine .
The Goal
The Global goal is to create spheres with a photo texture inside( Hdri ), and export them to Unity.
The second step will be to add other things, like clickable zone or pop up, 3d models inside the sphere.

Since I have not much experience.
what I wrote above may be too fare or too difficult to achieve. I don’t know.

Everyone help an advice will be strongly appreciated.

After the code I will write the issues that I have and also Questions.

The Code:

# This work is under Open Source Licence.
# Simple Public License (SimPL-2.0) 
# Auther : Tsurubaso

# A great thanks to the people that have helped me
# AFWS from BlenderArtists.

import bpy
import os, glob
import bmesh

path = "C:\\test"
outdir = os.path.join(path, "output")
if not os.path.exists(outdir):

# effacer tout ce qui traine, et vlan
OBJJ = bpy.ops.object
OBJJ.select_by_type(extend=False, type='MESH')
OBJJ.select_by_type(extend=False, type='LAMP')

for jpg in glob.glob(os.path.join(path, "*.jpg")):
   imagew = bpy.data.images.load(jpg)
   # mettre en place Cycle et le node tree
   scn.render.engine = 'CYCLES'
   scn.world.use_nodes = True
   wd = scn.world
   # creer une texture y mettre l'image, connectrer tout ca.
   nt = bpy.data.worlds[wd.name].node_tree
   # desole pour le naming, c'est de l'emprunt
   gradNode = nt.nodes.new(type="ShaderNodeTexEnvironment")
   backNode = nt.nodes['Background']
   gradNode.location.x = backNode.location.x-300
   gradNode.location.y = backNode.location.y
   gradColOut = gradNode.outputs['Color']
   backColIn = backNode.inputs['Color']
   nt.links.new(gradColOut, backColIn)
   mat = bpy.data.materials['Material']
   tex = bpy.data.textures.new("SomeName", 'IMAGE')
   slot = mat.texture_slots.add()
   slot.texture = tex
   # Une image sur mon PC, ref
   # Use of Import os
   # Example ---- filepath = os.path.join('C:\\', 'Users', 'User_Name_Here', 'Desktop', 'picture_to_load.jpg')
   # connecting the image
   gradNode.image = imagew
   scn = bpy.context.scene
   # Create an empty mesh and the object.
   mesh = bpy.data.meshes.new('Basic_Sphere')
   basic_sphere = bpy.data.objects.new("Basic_Sphere", mesh)
   # Add the object into the scene.
   scn.objects.active = basic_sphere
   basic_sphere.select = True
   # Construct the bmesh Sphere and assign it to the blender mesh.
   bm = bmesh.new()
   bmesh.ops.create_uvsphere(bm, u_segments=64, v_segments=32, diameter=5)
   #add material to sphere
   matos.use_nodes= True
   nodetree = matos.node_tree
   nodes= matos.node_tree.nodes
   texture_node = nodes.new(type='ShaderNodeTexImage')
   bsdf = nodes.get('Diffuse BSDF')
   texture_node.image = imagew
   for area in bpy.context.screen.areas:
   	for space in area.spaces:
   		if space.type == 'VIEW_3D':
   			space.show_world = True
   			space.show_floor = False
   			space.show_axis_x = False
   			space.show_axis_y = False
   			space.show_axis_z = False

bpy.ops.wm.save_as_mainfile(filepath='C:\\test\\output\\Work on Script .blend')

The Problems and Questions:
The image on the background is my first try to export to Unity. I will remove it late on.

  1. The texture on the sphere does not look great. I don’t know what is wrong.

  2. I have still to search this point on the web, I will have to switch the normal to have the texture inside the sphere, wright? Then the camera will be inside the sphere, do we need the material to be emitting light to see inside the sphere and to see also the texture itself.

  3. Does all those settings will be properly exportable on Unity???

I will be really pleased if you were to give me some of your time to help me by your advice.

As I said previously I am not a programmer to be precise I am just a photograph,
your help will be mostly apreciated.

Have a nice day,

I need to unwrap the texture. Even sphere unwrap does not look great. How to obtain a clean texture???
Would you do it directly in Unity??