360 of man and women

I’m studying the information from capital hill and I see that both the law of five and the law of six equals 72 and 360 degrees. But when you overlap the law of five with the law of six you see that the law of five don’t match up with the law of six. So to say they’re one of the same isn’t true.

Somewhere down the line they connected with a shadow and had been trying to repair the damage ever since.

So I see where they overlap, where the line extend from the circle is where man and women overlap which will be normal.

The line of the second image shows the man selected and the one next to it where sin accord. You wouldn’t only need man and women but the eye as well which is the universe. I’m thinking somewhere down the line infinity got flip.

Perhaps -2^+2=+2^-2. But that’s just a theory.

Take the blue pill

It’s great that you are able to use Blender to research your theories!

I agree with PlantPerson.

Somewhere along the line someone said there is a connection-by design with God built into this monument.

While it is a wonderful thing for you to have your faith, kudos to you, it is also a wise choice to question statements made by men. Your research is not flawed, nor is Blender, you are discovering in this project, that the statements made regarding this monument’s Holy connection are not all entirely true. Sometimes people lie.

Keep up the good work, you’ll get further in life that way.

The truth is elusive my friend, so elusive that it is an outright lie. It’s not about what is true, but it is the degree where the truth is told. This ideal that we can create a perfect society will only destroy us in the end. In truth we never have a choice to begin with, so why tell people we have a choice when in reality we never had a choice to begin with ?

To be honest, i dont understand any of it, but hey, its blender, how hard can it be?

Keep up the good work. =)

To be honest, i dont understand any of it, but hey, its blender, how hard can it be?

If you fix the grammar, allot of Al Capone’s statements are actually very interesting. Some of his word usage cracks me up (check the sig). He’s a good mix of crazy, funny, and strangly wise statements. sometimes