360 rendering time

Hi, I’m currently working on a project using panoramic (equirectangular) camera and have an animation with 3125 frames.
My problem is that some frames take about 2 hours! x.x
I’ve reduce the light bounces and samples but makes no significance difference in timing.!
this are my render settings:

tile size: 256 / GPU, gtx 1050 Ti 4gb

I’m also using a HDRi and the scale of the scene is quite big.

What can I do to reduce render time? I’m thinking one of the problems might be the scale

32 bounces on all these look odd to me. Try default values maybe?
Diffuse: 4
Glossy: 4
Transmission: 12
Volume: 0

Try using denoiser and lower samples.
How big is HDRI? Try reducing its size, make it 16 bit if it’s a 32 bit.
You can also try command line rendering. It significantly reduces render times for some still renders for me (and GPU memory usage).

Check these tips: http://boundlessblending.com/blender-fast-rendering/

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thanks for the answer!!! this helped me a lot!

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