360 Video with Blender Internal?

Can Blender Internal be used to render 360 Video like this example?

I want to render a scene in 360 video that has been set-up for rendering in Blender Internal. It would be a lot of work to get the scene suitable for the Cycles rendering engine.

The camera setting panoramic->Equirectangular is only available when Cycles is selected as the render engine.

Older versions of Blender (2.49b) had the ability to render panoramic, has this been dropped?

I’ve been able to get some decent results with Blender internal, nothing as reliable as with Cycles though.

The main problem in Blender internal is the “pinch effect” I get at the base of the camera. This effect is reliant on the height position of the camera, meaning I’m not free to place the camera at any position I want.

Does anyone have a solution for this?

I would like to know too please. I haven’t found any method at all to create 360* renders in Blender Internal, and any tip would be helpful! The camera “Type” field only appears for Cycles, although I could swear I manager to render a 360 scene in BI a few months ago (with the latest Blender version at the time).